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Retirement savings and investments are long term investments, and are the most sensitive to market corrections and currency devaluation. And, as we grow older there is little time to recover any losses. For these reasons good stewardship of retirement assets is essential.

Diversification of assets is a wise approach. A "hedge" against inflation of currency and deflation of the stock market gives some buoyancy to your important retirement savings--regardless of developing economic and market conditions.

For millennia Gold & Silver have been valued as a concrete store of wealth. Whatever else is going on, Gold holds its value. An ounce of gold still buys as many loves of bread today as it did 1,000 years ago!

This stability based upon real intrinsic value is what makes Gold & Silver such a popular adjunct to a well-rounded portfolio.

In 2008, the stock market crashed and lost over half of its value. Folks who had all their eggs in the basket of paper and dollar-denominated assets were devastated.

But, investors who had 1/3 of their portfolio in Gold & Silver ACTUALLY BROKE EVEN ...AS THE STOCK MARKET LOST 65% OF ITS VALUE!!!

People who had 1/2 in metals made a hefty profit!

Our philosophy of respecting our clients—really respecting them—means we give them good information and tell them the truth. We recommend the best coins for their needs,price them right, and then shut up and do what they tell us. If a client says “call me in 6 months”, we usually treat that as a Do Not Call request, unless some age requirement must be achieved to transfer funds. So, one way or another, we hope to determine if gold is afit for you within 90 days. After that,you are either going to do this or not. And we can get on to not bothering some more people and see what they think.
“A fast dime beats a slow Dollar” and “Happy clients are better than angry clients.” Amazing! It’s easy to be a better Gold company…