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What you can expect at Fairpoint

At Fairpoint we expect to earn your business and your trust. This is accomplished in a number of ways: Yes, we price the metals in a respectful manner—much better than much of the retail gold industry.But it goes deeper…for all the right reasons.

When you contact us and request information, it is NOT the beginning of a torturous experience, like with many other retail companies.(You inquire about a mortgage loan and your cell phone keeps ringing twice a week forever… They call it “following up”; we call it: a) ridiculous, b) inefficient,c) rude, d) obnoxious, and e) a waste of everyone’s time… Other than that, it’s terrific.?) At Fairpoint we value your time but we also value our own!So when you first speak with us and request information, we first send you our investor’s kit. This publication is by far the most thorough and comprehensive in the industry—BECAUSE WE WANT YOU TO KNOW STUFF! A well-informed client can easily recognize a good deal when it is presented.

We will speak with you to answer your questions and explain the process of investing in precious metals. We will quickly determine if gold and silver is an option for you, and if you are interested. If you are,we move forward; if not we say goodbye and place you on our inactive list—where you will only receive emails and/or mail information once or twice a year. If you know about us and change your mind or your situation, of course you will contact us. If not, we’re not bothering to call you over and over until you finally: a) hate us more than anybody you’ve ever met, b) demand that we stop calling you, or c) finally buy a bunch of Gold…just to get us off your back. (Option C seems to be the least frequent occurrence).